General Contracting

Hiring a general contractor can be a tough but important decision. Project success and client satisfaction hinge upon it. Go with Walix:we guarantee we’ll get it right!

General contractors need to be managers first, but also need to be a tradesman. As your general contractor, we can help coordinate the overall project. We must first assess the project, determine the exact project needs, and provide a proposal. In addition, we draw up all contract documents including project drawings, architectural requirements and any supplementary or special needs.

For a renovation project, the process is similar but involves some more involvement. We will visit the site to assess the exact project needs and submit pricing. Project cost/pricing will take into consideration overhead costs, overall condition of the current project and materials and equipment needed.

Commonly, general contractors got started as carpenters and decided they wantes to own and manage the entire project. Walix falls into this group. We started as builders and tradesmen who decided we had what it took to manage an entire project. We believe this gives us a competitive advantage in the market, and it allows us to provide our clients with everything they need to understand the realistic implications of their project needs.

We have years of experience managing multiple projects simultaneously while making our clients feel like they’re our only client. We maintain a high quality of work and never cut corners. We communicate early and often with our clients to set expectations and ensure needs are met with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

About this Process

A general contractor wears many hats…

  • Day-to-day oversight
  • Vendor management
  • Project coordination
  • Bid assessment
  • Job site safety
  • Materials, labor & equipment
  • Sub-contractor hiring & management
  • And much more!

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We can handle the overall coordination of your project. As well-experienced construction managers and tradesmen, we know how the in’s and out’s of a construction project.

Project Management

The success to effective project management is striking a balance between developing of proper technical skills and strategic management practices. We have both!


You should have lots of questions for us before hiring us, and we encourage that! Check out our FAQs, and if your question isn’t answered, click below to contact us!

How long have you been in general contracting business?
Walix Corp has been in business for over 10 years serving hundreds of clients.
Do you have a general contracting license?
Yes, we have a state license issued by the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors. Many people don’t know the requirements.

To qualify for a license, you must have one of the following:

  • A four-year college or university course in a related field and one year of work experience;
  • A combination of college-level accredited courses and practical experience totaling four years’; or
  • Four years of work experience in a construction-related field with at least two years employed as a general contractor and one year in related fields such as marketing, management or administration.
Do you have workers compensation and liability insurance?
Yes, many people don’t know this, but to be a licensed general contractor in Georgia, you must show proof of net worth and proof of worker’s compensation and general liability insurance.
What other projects have you worked on?
Our client list is extensive! Take a look at our General Assembly projects and our Single Family Homes projects.
What is the timeline for a residential project? a commercial project?
There is no generalized timeline for any one project. Depending on the project, either commercial or residential, and the scope of the work. Homebuilding could take anywhere from 14 – 16 weeks. Commercial projects could take anywhere from 20 – 24 weeks.