Architectural Design

Since the 1980s, architecture has become increasingly more complex. There has been a separation between design and project architects. Walix can do both!

Architectural design is the cornerstone of a successful construction project. It sets the foundation and the vision of your future building or home. For years, we have developed a portfolio of successful designs leaving our clients happy and our work on display for the world. We can design any building anywhere: the results speak for itself.

One of the more time-consuming and complex parts of the architectural design process is the project preparation. A complex preparation process should be handled by a team of experts that take into account the building’s durability, sustainability, quality, price, and compliance with local laws.

Architectural design shouldn’t be the vision of the architects alone. It should be a collaborative effort between you and our team. Your design should reflect your aesthetic needs and practical needs such as budget considerations to reflect the everyday needs of those who plan to inhabit those spaces. The needs of a home versus an office building will be equally complex in their own way while equally different.

Sustainability has become a major focus of both design professionals and the clients they serve. These considerations encompass many areas: solar designs, green roofs, biodegradable materials and acute attention to energy usage. This does not necessarily mean it has to be more expensive.

About this Process

Designing a project is a multi-step process!

  • Building Design
  • Brief Development
  • Planning Permits
  • Appointing Certifiers
  • Building Contract Administration
  • Hiring Consultants
  • Coordinating Consultants
  • And much more!

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Prior to a construction project, many of our clients have questions about our architectural design services. Check out our FAQs, and if your question isn’t answered here, click below to contact us!

What services do architects provide?

Architects start with a 10,000 ft view working from the big picture down to the minor details. We’re here to help our clients determine a project’s aesthetic and functional needs. We coordinate the design and engineering of the project sifting our way through legalities of zoning and building codes.

At what point in my project should I involve an architect?

As soon as you decide you want to begin planning your project, you should start looking for an architect. Architects provide important pre-design services including site evaluation, and can help you explore options you may not have considered. Involving an architect early in the process can help avoid costly missteps, and increase the likelihood of your satisfaction with the project.

How do I find the right architect for my project?

It is critical to find an architect who makes you feel comfortable, and with whom you can have open communication. It’s also important to find an architect with experience in your project type. The design website Houzz has an architect finder that can serve as an important first step in your search; you should also seek recommendations from those you know who’ve worked with an architect previously.

Don't architects add substantial cost to a project

While it’s true that architects’ fees are an additional project cost, hiring an architect can actually save you money in many ways. Architects can monitor your budget and negotiate to get the best materials and workmanship at a good price. An architect’s design can reduce energy and maintenance costs, and provide an efficient layout so that you don’t overbuild what you really need. They can turn a difficult lot into a successful building site. And they spend time planning and fully developing your ideas to avoid changes once construction is underway.

What's my role in the design process?

Your architect will depend on you to communicate about your design preferences, functional requirements, and budget. Your timely response to questions and design submissions will help keep the project on track. It is also important for you to raise any concerns you have as the project proceeds, so they can be addressed in the earliest stages. Working in partnership with your architect, you will help achieve a successful outcome for your project.